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Guitar Lessons

from A Major Music Lessons

A Major Music Lessons provides music lessons for all instruments, all ages and all genres. We are located in Columbia Missouri and you may either come here to our location just west of downtown or our instructors can come to your home for the lesson. To find out what sets us apart from other music lesson providers click the A Major Music Lessons link. If you are interested in another instrument other than guitar click one of the links below. The A Major Music website also has our prices and policies.

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums and Percussion, Singing, Stringed instruments, Woodwind, Brass instruments, Music Theory, Songwriting, or Improvisation.

About Our Guitar Lessons

All of our guitar instructors teach the same way and know the same things. They work together and are always pushing to know as much as possible and teach in the best way possible. We strive to be as flexible and accommodating to your schedule as possible.

We know not every person has the same interests and not every person learns at the same pace or likes to be taught the same way. That’s why we make a personalized lesson plan based solely on your interests and goals. You may pick out the songs you want to learn and we can either simplify them to your level or show you the real way it is played. If there is a certain style or artist you would like to be able to play like we will make a plan that will get you performing that way as soon as possible. If you’re not sure what you want to learn, we will provide you with recommendations and a plan for success!

The way we normally start beginners out is with 4 strategically picked songs that are well known and liked. After learning these 4 songs you will have a good foundation in the basic operations of guitar and then you will be able to start requesting and learning anything you want!

There are 3 general areas of guitar. Open chords, Bar Chords (& power chords), and Solos. To become a master guitar player, you will learn about all three areas, combine them, advance them and add an understanding of music theory. You can do all that while learning the music you want to learn and are interested in. No boring books with staff notation and songs you’ve never heard before.

  • Ask us before you buy an instrument
  • We can help you choose the right instrument for you and also have some available


Greg Allers

Owner of A Major Music

Greg Allers is an experienced instructor and founder of A Major Music Lessons and teaches Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Theory, Improvisation and Song Writing.

Greg has been playing guitar since he was 12 years old, comes from a musical family, has played in multiple bands during this time, and has a degree in music theory.

Greg has been teaching music professionally since 2008 and over the years he developed teaching strategies and values. Values as simple as always being friendly, caring about your students, teaching them what they want, being consistent, on time, and flexible!

Greg had to stop accepting new private lesson students since he graduated from MU with a mechanical and aerospace engineering degree in 2014, but he loves teaching and spreading the joy of music so he continues to do so by running A Major Music. He helps other teachers that he believes in by training them on his knowledge of music and tactics for teaching that he developed over the years. He holds those teachers to his standard of quality and helps them have the music career he feels so fortunate to have had.

Caleb Roman

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, trombone, songwriting, Improvisation and Music Theory

Caleb is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and trombonist from Lenexa, Kansas and has been playing music since he was five years old. He has been in many bands through the years encompassing many styles including jazz, rock, and pop. He loves to improvise and write riffs, and often can be found sitting in front of a pair of speakers playing along or soloing over whatever music happens to be on.

In high school Caleb was in the Kansas All-State Orchestra as a trombonist and the Kansas All-State Choir as a Tenor. He plays trombone in the Concert Jazz band at the University of Missouri and has also been in Marching Mizzou. In 2009 he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied under Robin Stone and Sal DiFusco while pursuing a degree in Music Production and Engineering, with guitar as his principle instrument. After spending a couple of years in Boston he's come back to Columbia to get his degree from Mizzou and can't wait to play music with you!

Tyler Kemp

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Improvisation and Music Theory

Tyler is a trained and professional guitarist who entered his six-stringed journey after a live album blew his mind. He has a specific taste for an overdriven blues tone, but loves all genres of music from acoustic fingerpicking to progressive rock. Years of vocal experience help give Tyler an ear for notes, and leads to some great jam sessions.

Born and raised in central Missouri, Tyler is a 2014 Mizzou Alum who hasn't missed many home football games since 1991. With a wide variety of hobbies and skills from working on cars to videography, Tyler is easy to get along with and a patient teacher you're sure to have a fun time learning from.

Owning a small business gives Tyler a fair amount of scheduling flexibility, you can schedule appointments with him during weekday afternoons and evenings. Fill out a contact form to get in touch!

Jasmine White

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Improvisation and Music Theory

Jazz is a guitarist, pianist, and singer/songwriter from Columbia, Missouri. She has been playing guitar since the age of ten and piano since the age of five.

Along with guitar and piano, Jazz has been playing trumpet for six years. Her style ranges anywhere from funk to acoustic rock, and loves all genres of music.

Through out high school, Jazz was in one of the top Jazz Ensembles in the state, along with being a member of her schools top Jazz Combo playing guitar. She has interned for live sound production and is currently a head sound engineer at Dark Room Records in Columbia. She will be studying Commercial Music with an emphasis in Music Business in the fall.

Jazz’s life revolves around music and is passionate about sharing her love of the art with her students.


June 21st, 2014

I saw an ad for A Major Music Lessons in the Columbia Tribune and decided it was time for guitar lessons. I've been wanting to take guitar lessons for years but never got around to it. Greg was so helpful with getting me started. Greg set me up with lessons from Zach Parker who is very encouraging and patient. I can get really frustrated learning new things but Greg and Zach make it easy and I am very grateful for their support!
– Russel J.

from Thumbtack:

August 22, 2013

I came to Greg after playing guitar for a few years to learn music theory, so I could learn to write my own music. I have learned so much about how music fits together that now I can sit down a write a song with purpose because I know what works together and why. He has helped me shape my metal songs into finalized versions that I can't believe I wrote myself! He also teaches me drums and I can't wait to add drum tracks to my songs. I am so happy I started with Greg. He makes everything clear and easy to follow. Almost been with him for a year and I continue to learn something new every week!
– Hunter S.

August 22, 2013

Greg is a great guitar instructor. He relates well with his students and is very easy to work with. I can very easily recommend him.
– Lara C.

April 11, 2012

I am sooooo glad we found Greg! He is awesome. Abby is enjoying learning guitar. He has done a wonderful job and I really appreciate that he works around our schedule. This has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to more lessons. He makes it easy for my 9 year old to understand! Thanks Greg!!!
– Kelli A.